Moving Checklist

There’s a reason why so many buyers are flocking to the Triangle—it’s the perfect place to live, work, and play! Linda Craft Team Realtors would like to welcome you to your new hometown, and most importantly, make your move to the Triangle as stress-free as possible. We get it—everyone experiences that recurring thought of feeling like they're forgetting something whenever they're packing up and moving. That's why we crafted our all-inclusive moving checklist to give you newfound confidence in the midst of your move!   

Check These Boxes

Change of Address Cards

There may be a longer list of people you need to notify of your address change than you originally think. We recommend telling your loved ones, credit card companies, government agencies, service providers, and all subscriptions—so basically anyone you would typically receive mail from. 

Disconnect Utilities

Before you move, you'll want to disconnect your utilities—which could include water, electric, gas, telephone, and cable TV—and let your providers know where the final bills should be sent. Also, be sure to submit a request for any refundable deposits you made upon opening the account.  

Cancel Deliveries

Depending on how many subscriptions you have coming to your door, you could have quite a few phone calls to make! Consider all your active deliveries, which could include groceries, newspapers, and the post office. And if you've had the same mail carrier for a while, it's always nice to thank them with a goodbye gift!

Notify Insurance Companies

Since insurance policies often vary according to where you live, and your company probably sends you mail, it's always important to notify insurance companies of your move. Plus, if you're moving out of state, you'll want to discuss your current policy with an agent to ensure its still accurate and provides coverage.  

Obtain Records

During your move, you'll want to have all your important records on-hand. These documents include birth records for all family members, school records for children, and any legal records. If you're moving across state boundaries, we recommend meeting with your attorney to determine if your will must be rewritten. You also need to obtain all medical records, in addition to changing the location of any prescription refills. 

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